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•  SAE Record De-clicker
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Noise Supression
SAE 5000
The SAE 5000
An impulse noise reduction unit used for analogue de-clicking and de-popping.
    The SAE 5000 anologue Impulse Noise Reduction Unit can help take out unwanted pops and clicks from you old vinyl..Up until the last 5 years or so, when computer remastering software began to come down in price and become more useful to the common man, owning one of these or a similar piece was about the only way you could take out some of the pops on well worn records. In the photo below you will note the "Sensitivity" slider. Just like computer de-click and de-pop software; setting this slider too high also takes out a good deal of the music and can really distort sound. Less is always better when it comes to any declick device, be it hardware or software.
    In our humble opinion, pieces of this ilk have seen their day in the sun. With today's computer audio software technology there is rarely a call for the usage of one of these units. We have included the photos and this page only for those collectors of audio memorabilia...and for those interested in the transfer to CD of vinyl or shellac. Some still swear by these units although a 200.00 audio program used properly can do the same thing and often with better results.  Don't let someone sell you one of these as a miracle device. The miracle starts with clean records and a good cartridge / stylus combination.
    It is good practice when transferring music to any medium to keep your tonearm leads at the shortest length possible and your connections to a minimum. This allows for less sound loss. One of the inherent problems in using one of these gismos is that you are adding another link in the recording / remastering chain and thereby losing sound since you have to go from your preamp to this unit and then back to either your A/D converter or your soundcard.  
    Unless for some reason you are hell bent on staying analogue all through the transfer process our advice, derived from experience with this piece, is to spend your doe on a good quality soundcard for your computer (or an A/D converter) and some really good cartridges and styli. We know people who use only A/D converters and who will not record sound into their computers except for burning CD compilations. Their claim is; the noisy environment of the inside of a computer distorts sound.

     If this is the way you choose to transfer your music then we suggest a stand alone CDR to digitize your music  They generally contain excellent A/D converters (especially high quality Phillips or Pioneers) and this way you keep the music out of the computer during the recording process. To burn your CD's with a variety of cuts on them then "rip" the tune from your work CD with Musicmatch or a similar program.

     Personally we use a custom DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) equipped with loads of RAM and a $500.00 Lynx One sound card. We get extremely good results going straight to computer. If you are just remastering a few LP's the M-Audio Delta soundcards also work great for about 199.00.     
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