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Swing Music Net Biography
Dakota Staton
Dakota Staton Mainstream Jazz Vocalist Biography Publicity Photo
Dakota Staton
Soulful jazz singer with a unique style and husky tone
In the late 1950s Staton's popularity ranked as high as that of contemporaries Sarah Vaughan and Dinah Washington
Dakota Staton
Staton, Dakota (Aliyah Rabia)
Jazz vocalist
Born; Pittsburg, PA., 6-3-1932
Died; New York City 4-10-2007
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Dakota Staton was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and studied music at Pittsburgh’s Filion School of Music. She was soon chosen to be a vocalist with the Joe Wespray Orchestra, then the top band in the Pittsburgh area. After spending two years with Wespray she traveled to Detroit, working in various clubs there. Staton then followed the nightclub circuit which led her to Canada, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Cleveland, and eventually New York.

It was while singing in a Harlem nightclub called the Baby Grand that Capitol Records producer Dave Cavanaugh discovered Staton and signed her to the label. After several singles Staton attracted the attention of Down Beat magazine, winning the magazine's high profile "Most Promising New Comer Award" in 1955. In the late 1950s she rose rapidly in popularity due to some fine swinging vocals on her first full length Capitol Records LP as backed by Jonah Jones on trumpet in 1957. The title track of this release turned out to be her biggest all time hit; The Late, Late Show. It was during this session that Staton also recorded her superb vocal rendering of what had previously been an instrumental hit for Count Basie called Broadway.

Following on the heels of The Late, Late Show was a superb outing with the George Shearing Quintet called "In The Night," also recorded in 1957. Her next date called "Dynamic," recorded the following year, further helped launch her meteoric rise to near the top of the female mainstream jazz vocalist category. With tunes on this release like Anything Goes and Too Close For Comfort, recorded with Harry Sweets Edison and a rhythm section, it seemed as if Staton would soon be in the category of a select few like Fitzgerald, Vaughan, and Washington. In 1959 several more great vocals as backed by the Sid Feller Orchestra were recorded and appeared on the release "More Than The Most." Unfortunately, even though she recorded steadily on Capitol Records through the spring of 1962, nothing achieved as much acclaim as her first few releases.

Later in her career Staton's styling showed more of a heavier, blues and gospel influence. From 1962 to 1992 she recorded for a variety of labels including United Artists, Verve, Columbia, Groove Merchant and Muse.

Critic Leonard Feather, in the late 1950's, called Dakota Staton “a dynamic song stylist recalling at times elements of Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughan.” Some of her most poplar recordings can be found on three CD’s still in print; The Late Late Show, In The Night (usually found under George Shearing's name), and Spotlight on Dakota Staton [Great Ladies of Song.]

Jazz diva Dakota Staton passed away on Tuesday April 10, 2007, at the Isabella Nursing Home, in New York City. She had been in declining health for several years.

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The Dakota Staton Discography
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by large unknown band
New York, November 24, 1954
What do you know about love ?    Cap T1170
No mama, no papa        3059
For the rest of my life       -
Note: Capitol T1170 titled "Crazy he calls me".

Dakota Staton acc by Howard Biggs' Orchestra:
Dakota Staton (vcl) with unknown acc
New York, April 14, 1955
How does it feel ?    Cap T1170
I never dreamt       -
Can't live without them anymore       -
A little you        3138
Don't leave me now       -
Abracadabra        3181

Dakota Staton acc by Nelson Riddle's Orchestra:
Dakota Staton (vcl) prob. featuring Harry "Sweets" Edison (tp)
Los Angeles, November 20, 1955
Morning, noon or night    Cap T1170
A dangerous age        3293
It feels so nice       -
Week for the man        3361
How high the moon (1)       -    , T1170
Note: (1) Only acc by tp, p, g, b and d

Dakota Staton (vcl) with unknown acc
New York, 1956
Don't mean maybe    Cap 3489
My friend       -
You know I do        3546
I told you so       -

Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Jonah Jones (tp) Hank Jones (p) unknown vib, g, b and d + orchestra, Van Alexander (dir)
New York, February 28, 1957
My funny valentine    Cap EAP3-876, T876, (E)CL14931, CAPS26
What do you see in her ?       -          -
Misty        EAP2-876, -   , CDP31204 [CD]
You showed me the way       -          -
Trust in me                  -   , (E)CL14828
Note: Capitol EAP2-876 (45 rpm) titled "The late, late show part 2".
Capitol EAP3-876 (45 rpm) titled "The late, late show part 3".
Capitol CDP31204 [CD] titled "Dakota Staton - Spotlite Series"; see flwg sessions to July 1960 for rest of CD.

Dakota Staton
same pers.
New York, March 2, 1957
Summertime    Cap EAP2-876, T876
The late late show (*)        EAP3-876, -   , CDP31204 [CD], (E)CL14828
'Tain't no use       -          -
A foggy day       -          -   , (E)CL14831, Blue Note CDP7-80506-2 [CD]
Give me the simple life    Cap EAP2-876, T876
Broadway       -          -   , T1034
Moonray       -          -
Note: Capitol T1034 titled "Popular jazz gold album"; rest of LP by others.
Blue Note CDP7-80506-2 [CD] titled "The great jazz vocalists sing the Gershwin songbook"; rest of CD by others.
(*) This title also on Columbia Special Products C3 10046 titled "Body & Soul - Five decades of jazz era song"; rest of this 3 LP set by others.
All titles from Capitol DT876 also on Capitol 0010 1, (E)260010, Capitol 85580, COL-CD--5231 [CD].

Dakota Staton
George Shearing (British)
In the night: George Shearing/Dakota Staton:
Emil Richards (vib) George Shearing (p) Toots Thielemans (g,hca) Al McKibbon (b) Percy Brice (d) Armando Peraza (cga,bgo) Dakota Staton (vcl)
New York, c. August 1957
Senor blues    Cap T1003, Regal SREG1051
Pawn ticket       -            -
From rags to Richards       -            -
[I'm left with the] Blues in my heart (ds vcl)       -
The thrill is gone (ds vcl)       -     , Sequel Jazz NXTCD173-3 [CD]
I hear music (ds vcl)       -
Easy       -     , Regal SREG1051
In the night (ds vcl)       -
Later       -     , CDP-33570-2 [CD]
Confessin' the blues (ds vcl)       -     , Sequel Jazz NXTCD173-3 [CD]
The late late show       -     , Regal SREG1051, Sequel Jazz NXTCD173-3 [CD]
I'd love to make love to you (ds vcl)    Cap T1003
Note: Capitol T1003(mono) = ST1003(stereo).

Dakota Staton
Dynamic !:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Harry "Sweets" Edison (tp) unknown p, g, b and d
New York, February 2, 1958
The party's over    Cap T1170
Little girl blue        T1054
When Sunny gets blue       -
Anything goes       -     , CDP31204 [CD]

Dakota Staton
New York, February 5, 1958
Night mist    Cap T1054
Cherokee       -
Invitation        T1170
Some other spring        T1054
Too close for comfort       -     , CDP31204 [CD]

Dakota Staton
Dakota Staton (vcl) with unknown acc
New York, May-June 1958
Say it ain't so, Joe    Cap T1054
They all laughed       -
Blues in my heart        4012
Confessin' the blues       -

Dakota Staton
New York, July, 1958
I wonder    Cap T1054
Let me off uptown       -
It could happen to you       -
Note: Capitol T1054(mono) = ST1054(stereo).
All titles from Capitol T1054 also on Renaissance CDREN005 [CD] titled "Let me off uptown".

Dakota Staton
Crazy he calls me:
same pers.
New York, July 30, 1958
Angel eyes    Cap T1170
Crazy he calls me       -     , CDP31204 [CD]

Dakota Staton
New York, November 12, 1958
Idaho    Cap T1170
No moon at all       -
Note: Capitol T1170(mono) = ST1170(stereo).
All titles from Capitol T1170 also on Jasmine (E)JAS303 titled "Crazy he calls me".

Dakota Staton
Timex All Star Jazz Show
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Les Spann (fl) Norman Simmons (p) Sam Jones (b) Lex Humphries (d)
NBC telecast, unidentified Broadway Theatre, New York, January 7, 1959
The thrill is gone    Sounds Great SG8017

Dakota Staton
Timex All Star Jazz Show
George Shearing Quintet:
Warren Chiasson (vib) George Shearing (p) Toots Thielemans (g) Carl Pruitt (b) Ray Mosca (d,tambourines) Armando Peraza (cga-1) Dakota Staton (vcl)
NBC telecast, unidentified Broadway Theatre, New York, January 7, 1959
I hear music (ds vcl)    Sounds Great SG8017
Easy to remember (1)                -

Dakota Staton
Time to swing:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Taft Jordan, Joe Wilder (tp) Ray Beckenstein (fl,as) Phil Woods (as) Jerome Richardson, Budd Johnson (ts) Don Hammond (reeds) George Berg (bar) Romeo Penque (fl,oboe) Hank Jones (p) Kenny Burrell (g) George Duvivier (b) Don Lamond (d) coll. pers.
New York, summer 1959
Baby don't you cry (*)    Cap T1241
Until the real thing comes along       -
You don't know what love is       -     , EAP2-1241, CDP31204 [CD]
If I should lose you       -     , EAP2-1241
But not for me       -     , CDP31204 [CD]
Gone with the wind       -     , EAP2-1241
Willow, weep for me       -
Let me know (*)       -
The song is you       -
When lights are low       -
Avalon       -     , 4229, SN4, EAP2-1241
The best thing for you       -
Note: Capitol T1241(mono) = ST1241(stereo).
Capitol SN4 titled "What's new in a preview of oustanding new stereo releases, vol. 4".
Capitol EAP2-1241 titled "Time to swing part 2" (45 rpm).
All titles, except (*), also on Renaissance (E)REN005 titled "Let me off uptown - The best of Dakota Staton".

Dakota Staton
More than the most: Dakota Staton acc by Sid Feller's Orchestra:
no details except Dakota Staton (vcl) Sid Feller (dir)
New York, September 30, 1959
I could make you care    Cap T1325
Goodbye       -
The crazy things we did       -
Walking by the river       -

Dakota Staton
New York, October 1, 1959
East of the sun    Cap T1325, CDP31204 [CD]
September in the rain       -       -
It's you or no one for me       -
Love walked in       -       -

Dakota Staton
New York, October 2, 1959
Some days it's Monday    Cap T1325
My heart beats like a hammer       -
The song is ended       -     , CDP31204 [CD]
Where did we go ? Out !        4299
High on a windy hill        T1325
Note: Capitol T1325(mono) = ST1325(stereo).

Dakota Staton
Ballads and the blues:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by ts, woodwinds, rhythm, strings and harp with Sid Feller (dir)
New York, October 10, 1959
Why don't we talk things over    Cap T1387
Time was       -
Someone to watch over me       -
I'll know       -

Dakota Staton
Dakota Staton acc by Eddie Wilcox Orchestra:
Dakota Staton (vcl) Edwin Wilcox (dir)
New York, December 21, 1959
My babe    Cap T1387
Where flamigoes fly       -
Come home       -
My one and only love       -     , CDP31204 [CD]

Dakota Staton
New York, December 22, 1959
Romance in the dark    Cap T1387
Seems like you just don't care       -
I need your love so bad       -
Love me       -
Note: Capitol T1387(mono) = ST1387(Stereo).

Dakota Staton
no details except Dakota Staton (vcl) Benny Carter (arr)
Los Angeles, February, 1960
I can't get started    Cap T1427
Old folks       -
Body and soul       -     , CDP31204 [CD]
The very thought of you       -
You're mine, you       -
Whispering grass       -
Solitude       -     , CDP31204 [CD]
Dedicated to you       -
Close       -
Be anything [but be mine]       -
Congratulations to someone       -
My wish       -
Note: Capitol T1427(mono) = ST1427(stereo).

Dakota Staton
no details except Dakota Staton (vcl) Benny Carter (arr)
New York, June, 1960
I'll close my eyes    Cap T1490
Trapped       -
I'm afraid the masquerade is over       -
Pick yourself up       -
Everybody's somebody's fool       -
If I love again       -
Wait for the rain       -
Meet me at no special place       -
Don't leave me now       -
Rock me to sleep       -
Make me a present of you       -
On Green Dolphin Street       -     , CDP31204 [CD]
Note: Capitol T1490(mono) = ST1490(stereo).

Dakota Staton
Round midnight:
Dakota Staton (vcl) with unknown acc
New York, July, 1960
So in love    Cap T1597
First thing first       -     , 4465
I won't worry       -     , 4465
Let them talk       -
Hey lawdy mama       -
Don't explain       -     , CDP31204 [CD]
The folks who live on the hill       -
'Round midnight       -
You call it madness       -
Will you still be mine ?       -
Knock me a kiss       -
Indiana       -
Along about midnight       -
Note: Capitol T1597(mono) = ST1597(stereo).

Dakota Staton
Dakota Staton acc by small band:
Dakota Staton (vcl) with unknown acc
All in my mind    Cap 4512

Dakota Staton
Dakota at Storyville:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Norman Simmons (p) unknown (fl,sop) unknown b & d
Live "Storyville", Boston, Mass., April 29, 1961
Mean and evil blues    Cap T1649
When I grow too old to dream       -
The loneliest night in the week       -
Is you is or is you ain't my baby       -
This is the beginning of the end       -
The show must go on       -
Don't get around much anymore       -
It's the talk of the town       -
Easy to love       -
Music, maestro, please       -
Play your hands, girls       -
Note: Capitol T1649(mono) = ST1649(stereo).

Dakota Staton
Dakota Staton acc by Norman Simmons Orchestra:
no details except Dakota Staton (vcl) Norman Simmons (dir)
New York, Spring 1962
Porgy    Cap 4790
On Chapel Hill       -
You better go now        4910
Once there lived a fool       -

Dakota Staton
no details except Dakota Staton (vcl)
prob from above Capitol sessions
I hear music    Capitol CDP31204 [CD]
You've changed           -

Dakota Staton
From Dakota with love:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Matthew Gee (tb) Jay McAllister (tu) Rudy Powell (as) Billy Root, Danny Turner (ts) Joe Black (p,org) and/or Stan Hunter (p,org) Charles "Sonny" Wellesley (b) Grady Tate (d) Norman Simmons (arr) + poss. others
New York, April 15 & 16, 1963
Supper time    Un Artists UAL3292
Massachusetts              -       , 611
When it's sleepy time down south              -       , 611
Between 18th and 19th on Chestnut Street              -
There I've said it again              -
Reverse the charges              -
I stood by              -
I gotta go              -
Hurry home              -
I let a song go out of my heart              -
My search is over              -
Early in the morning              -
Note: United Artists UAL3292(mono) = UAS6292(stereo).

Dakota Staton
Live and swinging:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Howard McGhee, Snooky Young (tp) Al Grey (tb,euph) Don Butterfield (tu) Rudy Powell (as) Billy Root, Billy Mitchell (ts,fl) Gildo Mahones (p) Clifton "Skeeter" Best (g) Wendell Marshall (b) Kalil Madi (d)
Newport Jazz Festival, July 7, 1963
Broadway    Un Artists UAL3312
Misty              -
Drifting blues              -
A foggy day              -
My funny valentine              -
A good man is hard to find              -
Gone again              -
I like the rhythm in a riff              -
My shining hour              -
Note: United Artists UAL3312(mono) = UAS6312(stereo).

Dakota Staton
Dakota Staton with strings:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by unknown orchestra, Melba Liston (arr) and probably including Ernie Royal, Jimmy Nottingham, Snooky Young (tp) James Moody (fl) Danny Turner (as) Norman Simmons (p) rhythm & strings
New York, 1964
I thought about you    Un Artists UAL3355
That's your story              -
Trav'lin' light              -
All my light              -
I understand              -
If you ever change your mind              -
When the sun comes out              -
God bless the child              -
Don't tell what happened              -
Any old time              -
I'll get along              -
I apologize              -
Note: United Artists UAL3355(mono) = UAS6355(stereo).

Dakota Staton
Dakota '66:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Ray Swinfield (fl) Peter King (as) Harry Klein (bar) Alan Branscombe (keyboards) + others
London ?, 1966
Route 66    Col (E)SCX-6020
Sunday kind       -
Midnight sun       -
Isn't it a lovely day ?       -
You go to my head       -
Maybe you'll be there       -
Moon river       -
Early autumn       -
How did he look ?       -
Nice work       -
He's funny that way       -
Everything happens to me       -
Note: All above titles also on London LL3495.

Dakota Staton
I've been there:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by orchestra, Melba Liston, Dave Blumberg (arr)
Los Angeles, CA, December 4, 1970
Woman without the love of a man    Verve V6-8799
I've been there before         -
Save this love affair         -
Young generation         -

Dakota Staton
[S11124-4] Dakota Staton
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by orchestra, Melba Liston, Dave Blumberg (arr)
Los Angeles, December 7, 1970
One less bell to answer    Verve V6-8799
(Medley :)         -
Blues for Dakota         -
Are you the one for me ?         -

Dakota Staton
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by orchestra, Melba Liston, Dave Blumberg (arr)
Los Angeles, December 8, 1970
What's gonna happen to me    Verve V6-8799
I can't quit my baby         -
Buy myself a man         -
More today than yesterday         -

Dakota Staton
I want a country man: Dakota Staton acc by the Manny Albam Big Band:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Cecil Bridgewater, Marvin Stamm, Burt Collins, Joe Newman (tp) Eddie Bert, Bill Watrous, Garnett Brown (tb) Jerry Dodgion (sop) Joe Firrantello (as) Frank Wess (ts-1) Eddie Daniels (ts-2) Pepper Adams (bar) + unknown rhythm
New York, February 20 & 26, 1973
Country man (1,#)    Groove Merchant GM521, Beast Retro 1204 [CD]
I love you more than you'll ever know (1,@)                   -                  -
Girl talk (1,@)                   -                  -
Cry me a river (2,*,#)                   -                  -
Heartbreak (1)                   -                  -
It's the talk of the town (2,*,!)                   -                  -
Make it easy on yourself (2)                   -                  -
How did he look ? (2)                   -                  -
Note: (!) This title also on Groove Merchant GM4405.
(#) These two titles also on Denon (Jap)DC-8517 [CD], LRC Records (G)CDC8517 [CD], both titled "The best of the jazz singers"; rest of CD by others.
(@) These two titles also on LRC Records (G)CDC9008 [CD] titled "The best of the jazz singers, Vol. 2"; rest of CD by others.
(*) These two titles also on Laserlight 15 779 [CD] titled "Blues in the night"; rest of CD by others.
All above titles also on I Giganti del Jazz (It)GdJ41, LRC (G)CDC9017 [CD].

Dakota Staton
Madame Foo Foo:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Richard "Groove" Holmes (org) Cornell Dupree (g) Horace Ott (el-b) Paul Martinez (b) Bernard "Pretty" Purdie (d) Kwasi Jayourba (cga)
New York, July, 1974
Let it be me    Groove Merchant GM510
Congratulations to someone                   -
Let me off uptown                   -
A house is not a home                   -
Blues for Tasty                   -
A losing battle (#)                   -
Deep in a dream                   -
Confessin' the blues                   -
Candy                   -
Moonglow (*,#)                   -
Note: (#) These 2 titles also on LRC Records (G)CDC9036 [CD] titled "Moonglow"; see 1974 for rest of CD.
All titles, except (*), also on LRC (G)CDC9017 [CD] titled "Dakota Staton"; see February 20 & 26, 1973 for rest of CD.
All above titles also on Groove Merchant GM4410 titled "Confessin'", Philips (Jap)16PJ-2008.

Dakota Staton
Ms. Soul:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Peter Loeb (ts,sop) Norman Simmons (p) Bob Cunningham (b) Bobby Hamilton (d)
New York, c. 1974
Play your hands, girls    Groove Merchant GM532, LRC Records (G)CDC9036 [CD]
I'd go back home                   -                  -
Porgy                   -                  -
Hurry home                   -                  -
Little man you've had a busy day                   -                  -
Between 18th and 19th on Chestnut Street                   -                  -
Why don't you think things over                   -                  -
He will call again                   -                  -
Save this love affair                   -                  -
Cherokee                                      -
Note: LRC Records (G)CDC9036 [CD] titled "Moonglow"; see 1972 for 2 more titles.
All titles from Groove Merchant GM532 also on Beast Retro 1208 [CD].

Dakota Staton
No man is going to change me:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Bross Townsend (p) Dave Jackson (b) Michael Thabo Carvin (d) prob. New York, c. late 1970's
That's no joke    GP Records GPDS5027
No man is going to change me              -
Where flamingos fly              -
Sex is a misdemeanor              -
'Tain't no use              -
How did he look ?              -
What's gonna happen to me              -
Doin' things for her              -
Willow, weep for me              -
Love for sale              -
No more in life              -
I could have told you              -

Dakota Staton
Dakota Staton/Freddy Cole:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Bross Townsend (p,strings,keyboards) Bill Moring (b) Paula Hampton (d)
prob. New York, 1990
Memories get out of here    GP Records DSFC-CD-1990 [CD]
I did everything right with the wrong men & everything wrong with the right man   
Trouble              -
No man is going to change me              -
Doin' things for her              -
How did he look ?              -
Thanks for coming              -
He will call again              -
Note: Rest of GP Records DSFC-CD-1990 [CD] by Freddie Cole.

Dakota Staton
Dakota Staton:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Houston Person (ts) Bross Townsend (p) Fred Hunter (b) Paula Hampton (d)
New York, February 7 & 8, 1990
Country man    Muse MR5401, MCD5401 [CD]
Mean to me        -        -
The thrill is gone        -        -
This bitter earth        -        -
C. C. Rider [See See Rider]        -        -
That's no joke        -        -
I did everything right with the wrong man        -        -
I'm tired of that                 -
Cherokee                 -

Dakota Staton
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by David Berkman (p) Tony Scherr (b) Paula Hampton (d)
New York, February 7 & 8, 1990
Jim    Muse MR5401, MCD5401 [CD]
Body and soul        -        -
Stop doin' for her        -        -
Note: All titles from Muse MCD5401 [CD] also on Muse (Jap)CRCJ-7021 [CD].

Dakota Staton
Darling please save your love for me:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Bill Easley (ts,fl) Bross Townsend (p) Leon Dorsey (b) Michael Thabo Carvin (d)
New York, October 3, 1991
I thought about you    Muse MCD5462 [CD]
You've changed        -
I can't quit you baby        -
You better go now        -
Gone with the wind        -
Save your love for me        -
East of the sun        -
Walking the backstreets        -
I'm just a lucky so and so        -
Skylark        -
Your husband's cheating on us        -

Dakota Staton
Isn't this a lovely day:
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by Peter Loeb (sax) Rob Paparozzi (hca) Bross Townsend (p-1) Norman Simmons (p-2) George Naha (g) Tony Scherr (b) Michael Thabo Carvin (d)
New York, December 23, 1992
Isn't this a lovely day ?    Muse MCD5502 [CD]
I cover the waterfront        -
Gee baby, ain't I good to you ?        -
Cold cold feeling        -
My lean baby        -
If he walked into my life        -
(Medley :)        -
I'll close my eyes        -
Close your eyes        -
I'm afraid the masquerade is over        -
'Tain't no use        -
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