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Vinyl And 78 RPM
David Bogen DB 130
The Bogen DB 130
1950s preamp works well for transferring to CD or playing; 45, 78, or 33 1/3 mono discs.

This is the David Bogen DB 130 mono tube preamp. An extremely handy and generally low cost piece on E Bay; this mono tube unit works very well for mono restorations.

This one was restored for us in 2001 by Russ Friend the curator of Russco Electronics. Turntable hunters, engineers, and audiophiles will recognize the Russco name associated with the manufacturing of turntables and other audio equipment for broadcast purposes in the 1950s and 1960s. Russco still continues to manufacture several pieces useful for radio broadcasters today.

Keep in mind if you have the tube audio bug; unless you have some background in electronics, hiring a troubleshooter can be pricey. Tracing hum when using tube audio can be time consuming. Unless you have an owners manual; getting one of these to work to the best of their ability can be a challenge.

You will note a lack of recording curve options on the equalization dial on this unit. It is very well suited for mono vinyl and has the basic 78RPM recording curves. We have found that fewer choices can make the process much easier when trying to milk the best sound out of mono vinyl and 45 RPM records especially if you do not have the exact turnover and rolloff settings that the 78 was recorded at. You could spend all day trying to dial the George Gott BIGG piece in for the best sounding recording curve setting and not get noticeably better sound than you would with the Bogen DB130.

For 78RPM records that require special and more refined turnover and roll off settings, naturally the Gott or a McIntosh would be your best choice in tube record compensation amplifiers.

This is actually our favorite piece as far as tube re-mastering preamps are concerned. The hum adjustment knob in most cases eliminates hum fairly easily. Buying a record equalization unit with tape outs is essential if you intend to use the unit for transferring the sound to a stand-alone CDR or computer. The tape outs on this piece cleaned up very nicely with very little play for the RCA jacks to move around in and cause static or sound loss which can potentially be another problem with used tube amps, pre-amps and equalizers.

As we have said many times; unless you are willing to spend some time tinkering, soldering, replacing tubes, rectifiers etc; buy a new solid state equalizer device and fughedaboudit.

Remastering tip; Aways start with clean records! Spending the money for a Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning System is a good start (but do not use it for 78's!) Some even recommend playing records wet to reduce surface noise. However further evidence suggests that doing so will cause the dirt to grind down even further into the groove walls making your records sound even worse the next time you play them dry! On well worn and really dirty records; a manual record brushing with special record cleaning solution is always required. If you must use water use only distilled water.

There are no miracles in the remastering process. Although some software (especially the pricey CEDAR technology) can provide stupendous results in editing hiss and crackle; it is very easy to abuse the software thereby compromising the clean crisp sound as it was intended. Unless it's a real gem and extremely rare; buy the CD! It's a lot cheaper and less time consuming.

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