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big band music dj Al Jarvis runs one of the many great jam sessions in swing music and jazz history

New York - Martin Block runs a jam session for WNEW New York during the Big Band era. This photo includes jazz musicians (from L to R;) Coleman Hawkins, Jack Jenney, Tommy Dorsey, Gene Krupa, Harry James, Bunny Berigan and Count Basie. Block had the most popular swing radio show in jazz history during the Swing era called The Make Believe Ballroom. The concept was borrowed from West Coast swing DJ Al Jarvis who Block had interned for.

Photo courtesy of Down Beat magazine

Jazz Joint Jump Radio Audio
The live feed of our Tuesday jazz music radio show streaming online at 4:00 PM Pacific with a focus on jazz history and jazz music that swings from the Big Band era to today.

Jazz Joint Jump Radio Info Page
The history of our jazz music radio show with its roots in big band swing. May raise questions about FCC radio deregulation survival being linked to narcissistically twisted disorders.

Jazz History; The Early Big Bands
Early hot jazz bands, the hotel dance bands and the history of jazz music leading up to the Big Band era.

Jazz History; Big Band Era World Scope
The role of economics, early recording technology, and the advent of radio relative to jazz history, jazz music popularity and the Swing era.

What Jazz Has To Do With It
Big Band Era Musician Photos
By permission of Down Beat magazine; scans of some of the greatest jazz musicians in the history of jazz music. Short articles from Down Beat magazine accompany photos.

The Recording Ban Of 1942
Scans of a 1942 Down Beat magazine article detailing one of the most dramatic events of the Big Band era and jazz history; the James Petrillo / AFM recording ban.

Webb Cuts Basie At The Savoy
Another jazz magazine article that details a morsel of jazz history. This article recounts the Count Basie vs. Chick Webb big band music Battle Of Swing held at Harlem's Savoy Ballroom in January of 1938.

Jazz music was one of America's first truly original contributions to the world art community. The period of the 1930s and 1940s is thus far the only age in history when the popularity of jazz eclipsed all other genres of music in the U.S. It is an epoch known as the Big Band era, and during it swing music was king.

The popularity of jazz, and the way of playing it in the swing music style, waned after WWII. However big bands like those of Duke Ellington, Woody Herman, Count Basie and others upheld the tradition into the 1970s and beyond. Furthermore smaller jazz groups, comprised of both former big band era soloists and new young musicians alike, have continued to utilize many parallel distinctions of the language of swing in their playing and recordings since the fall of the big bands. Similarly the great pop and jazz vocalists of the 1950s and 1960s employed arrangements and instrumentation by arrangers and musicians previously associated with, and understanding of, the phraseology of the Big Band era.

The language of swing is still spoken today by a number of talented latter-day jazz musicians and swing bands. In the mid 1990s renewed interest in swing music was fueled by a swing dance resurgence of the Lindy-hop and jitterbug swing dances. Today's successful session and band-leaders who acquiesce to play and record jazz that swings do so with the knowledge that capturing the attention of new jazz fans is somewhat similar to satisfying the tastes of swing dancers; great playing is easier to understand and relate to when it flows as backed by smooth, steady, and fluent underlying rhythms, much as it was popularized in the mid 1930s.

Since 1985 we have been involved in the research, collecting, and radio broadcasting of swing music that spans seven decades of jazz history. It is this experience and love for big band era music and straight ahead jazz that compelled us to put together Swing Music.Net. Here you will find a brief background of the history of jazz and the evolution of big band music plus artist biographies, links, recording information, historic jazz magazine articles and photos, and references to some of the best re-mastered, vintage jazz on CD.

Whether you like finger poppin' straight ahead jazz and big band music, swing dancing the Lindy hop or jitterbug swing dance, or Americana and retro culture, we hope you find this site to be both informative and entertaining. Please check back often, as we will continuously be adding more information, historic jazz magazine articles, photos and audio archives. We make every attempt to preserve the integrity of the history of jazz by using the most credible reference books, discographies, historic jazz magazine articles and biographies here on Swing Music Net... as is the case on our weekly jazz and big band music radio show.

Speaking of which, Jazz Joint Jump, our straight ahead jazz and big band radio show, can now be heard streaming live world-wide every Tuesday evening from 4-6 PM Pacific Time. Jazz Joint Jump emanates from 90.7 FM KFSR in Fresno.

We strive to make our broadcast one of the freshest and most swingin' around. We achieve this by playing the highest quality CD re-masters of 1930s and 1940s jazz and big band music; by mixing in mainstream jazz and hi-fi big band recordings; by playing only the finest jazz grounded modern swing bands; and by adding new jazz recordings weekly to an already nearly endless play list.

Our straight ahead jazz and big band music radio clambake is now in its its 28th year of continuous broadcast. For a first hand experience of how all of the jazz musicians referred to on this site fit into the show you're invited to listen live via the Jazz Radio page.

Additional jazz biographies and Swing era photos are coming soon. We invite you to listen to our jazz radio show live Tuesdays from 4-6PM Pacific Time via the Jazz Radio page where swing music and jazz that swings is still king.

Oscar Peterson Biography
Oscar Peterson performed as accompanist for a who's who of jazz soloists and vocalists. His recordings with several incarnations of the Oscar Peterson Trio are superb to fans of straight ahead mainstream jazz that swings. The prolific pianist died 12-23-2007.

Anita O'Day Biography
Not your typical big band "canary" Anita's voice was heard soaring over the brassy bands of Gene Krupa and Stan Kenton during the Swing era. She later recorded a number of fine swinging albums for Norman Granz on his Clef, Norgran and Verve record labels. She died 11-23-06 at 87.

Ray Charles Biography
Known as "The Genius" Ray Charles recorded a wide variety of music but got his start playing big band music and jazz. He passed away 6-10-04.

Barney Kessel Biography
The jazz guitar great died May 6th, 2004 and left behind a vast body of recorded jazz music.

Benny Carter Biography
Benny Carter was one of the greatest arrangers and jazz musicians the genre has ever known. This extensive biography spans the entire lengthy career of the jazz legend.

Billy May Biography
The trumpeter, bandleader, composer and arranger died Jan. 22, 2004. May wrote many Swing era classics for Glenn Miller, Charlie Barnet and later for Sinatra and Nat Cole.

Count Basie Biography
Our biography of Count Basie traces the career of "the kid from Red Bank" through Kansas City and into the later stages of his life as a bandleader.

Illinois Jacquet Biography
Our biography of Illinois Jacquet tracks his days with Lionel Hampton and Count Basie, through the Jazz At The Philharmonic years right up to the end of his prolific career.
May 2005 Jazz Joint Jump Radio Play
A months worth of jazz radio playlists from May of 2005. Our weekly jazz radio program, Jazz Joint Jump, features jazz that swings from the 1930s to today. Hear it live via the audio links on the Jazz Radio page.

4-05 Jazz Joint Jump Radio Play
The April Jazz Joint Jump jazz radio playlists include artists, song and release titles, labels and recording dates. A miniature discography of jazz that swings. Much of the music here was recorded in the month of April throughout jazz history.

3-05 Jazz Joint Jump Radio Play
March jazz radio playlists that include artists, song and release titles, and labels. Some dates are also included.

Big Band Radio Air Play 5-24-03
Commemorated the occasion of Artie Shaw's 93rd birthday the year before he died.

Current Jazz Joint Jump Playlists
Click the link above to enter our Web Forum for play from December 2005 to the present.

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