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New Kenton CD

New Kenton CD

Postby ghost of miles » Sun October 14 2007 06:30 PM

This from the Jazz Programmers' List:

Perhaps the most swinging of Stan Kenton’s bands is vividly portrayed and well-preserved in "Kenton: Cool, Hot & Swingon’," a new release of a live concert/dance, from Tantara Productions. It features basically Stan’s “Contemporary Concepts” band from 1956 --the favorite of many followers--, with the likes of Lennie Niehaus, Bill Perkins, Curtis Counce, Sam Noto, Bob Fitzpatrick, and Mel Lewis kicking things off. Or just kicking. Twelve of the 17 arrangements/compositions are from Bill Holman.

That producer Bill Lichtenauer continues to discover –or people provide him with—nicely-recorded material is a marvelous thing for Kenton followers. The legendary Wally Heider is responsible for the quality of this big-band recording. One of the nice things about it, to my ears, is that it is not over-produced like some of Kenton’s studio work could be (no dastardly echo here). All the instruments come through clear and, occasionally, loud. It is Kenton, after all. With few exceptions, it’s impeccable, and certainly air-worthy.

More information at

ghost of miles
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Postby ghost of miles » Thu October 25 2007 06:32 AM

Got a copy of this...anybody who is into the Contemporary Concepts band or the Holman charts should definitely check it out. Great soloing from Lennie Niehaus, Jack Nimitz, Carl Fontana, and others...well worth the scratch.
ghost of miles
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