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Open The Door Richard

Open The Door Richard

Postby Flimflamman » Tue May 25 2004 08:32 PM

It seems as if I recall there being a recording of this song other than the Count Basie record. It also seems like I heard that record was one of the few actual hits Basie ever had. Any truth to all this? Anyone know of other recordings?

Postby DiscGusted WithRadio » Thu June 03 2004 06:41 PM

Jack McVea wrote the song. He and his all stars recorded it the same year Catlett recorded it 1946.

It was first waxed in Paris by a group of French Jazzmen in 1944 which is incredibly hard to believe given the German occupation of France. One has to wonder if the song was used as either Nazi Propaganda or as code to the American and British forces.

I personally would really like to have an explanation of that.

McVea and his stellar group recorded several sequels including The Key's In The Mailbox and Richard Gets Hitched.

Basie recorded the song on January 3rd, 1947 and the Charlie Spivak Orchestra recorded it the very next day. Thank goodness Basie's version was the hit.

Louis Jrodan's January 23rd 1947 version was pretty good as good as the corny tune can be.
DiscGusted WithRadio

Richard Open Up That Door Man

Postby Jeff Parker » Wed June 23 2004 09:25 PM

That is an incredibly interesting point about the French recording of the song. I just checked and it was done by Aime Barelli. Jo Bartel did the vocal. Unfortunately the only date I have is month!!!! So it's hard to say if it was done before the Allied invasion of France or not. Nevertheless it is very interesting that you post this.

Recently a good friend did a lot of research involving the archives of Jean Hay aka Jean Bush aka Reveille With Beverly who broadcast via transcription disc to our boys over there during WWII. As I got the story; it was not uncommon to have top officials drop off obscure records with odd titles and hand them to her with instructions to play it. And when they came in you didn't ask why.

This research involved many personal visits with Ms. Hay (only fitting since the research was commisioned by her) and several trips to the Library Of Congress.

Too cool and a great point!


Jeff Parker

Open The Door Richard

Postby John Wira » Fri June 25 2004 10:34 AM

It was a big hit in the Philly area in the late forties. I have it by the Three Flames.
John Wira

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