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Tacoma Lover Of All TYpes Of Jazz Here

Re: Tacoma Lover Of All TYpes Of Jazz Here

Postby jazzjester » Tue March 28 2006 10:13 PM

Welcome Scott!

swingmut wrote:Hello,

Scott the swing mut here. I'm a dog when it comes to jazz as I love it all. However swing is my favorite style having participated in a few bands and although I'm ashamed to admit it sometimes I took a few dance lessons back in 2000. Just seems like most of the people I met who swing dance a lot aren't that big of fans of jazz. Frankly if anyone came up with a Kenny G dance they would probably make that the next fad. That being said I think younger dancers "have a leg up" on most of the public because at least they know what rhythm is. The question is how many know what jazz really is. Too bad there aren't dance classes that teach jazz appreciation at the same time.

Anyway by day I work for the ag dept and spend a lot of time in the rain.
Days off I'm usually on line so feel free to PM me.

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