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New to the forum from Alaska

Re: New to the forum from Alaska

Postby jazzjester » Tue March 28 2006 10:16 PM

Welcome to the club Steve! Those are both great sites you listed. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Jeff P

steveinalaska wrote::D Yes,I am in Fairbanks,Alaska! Born here in 1949,so that makes me old enough to remember listening to mom & dad's 78's of Glenn Miller,Harry James,etc. I started out a few years ago restoring antique radios, then it became radio/phonographs combos(1 Philco,1 Zenith). I started to find old 78 rpm records along with 33 1/3 albums from the late 40's & early 1950's. My other hobbies are my 1939 Ford station wagon(under restoration) and I am part of a group that operates an 1898 Porter steam locomotive.
My interest in the music is at the forefront now because I also am a volunteer at our local public radio station and do both a big band show and a jazz show. The big band show is once a month on a Saturday evening. On late thursday evenings, twice a month, I switch jazz music with native american music( I am a mixed-blood Alaskan native).
To top this off,I finally got this computer this past year. So this ageing baby-boomer is also learning how to surf the net along with the other capabilities that are in Windows 2000 software. I am currently shopping around for software and equipment to transfer LP records to CD's.
I have signed on with for my record reference and I am signed on with for my antique radio info. All I have to say in closing is that this internet has really opened up a new world for me and has become a real asset for my hobbies and interests, so thank you for providing this. Steve
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