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Postby KateMcCridhe » Mon June 08 2009 07:24 PM

When I was a kid, I used to have to hide my jazz & big band collection from everybody but my folks...
Well... officially it was their collection, but it seemed that the collection expanded around my birthdays and I was the one that usually played them, even Mom's old '78's...


I stumbled onto this site because I'm once again trying to find information on a specific person ( posted:, Tony "Duke" Ciabatti.

Kate McCridhe... heck no, that's not my real name!
I had an old friend that used to say "Mother Mo Cridhe" a lot. Usually in response to something I said or did. I wondered who this McKree woman was, and what she did to earn such a reputation. Then I found it in a Gaelic/English dictionary, in the deepest sub-basement of the Washington University in St. Louis... I found out why people had always accused me of having an evil laugh... it echoed down there! 30 years later I'm still answering to the same old joke...
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Re: Hey

Postby jazzjester » Sat June 13 2009 05:21 PM

Well I have no info on Tony "Duke" Ciabatti. Sorry about that. Do you have any further info like was this cat a musician? What instrument?

What I want to know is what did you find in your research regarding Mother Mo Cridhe???? You left us hangin! :)

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