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Find specific jazz recording dates, labels, release dates or personnel


Postby jazzjester » Mon July 31 2006 05:25 PM

Nicola wrote:Hi,
I'd like to know the precise date and personnel for these Gene Krupa's transcrpitions. Thank you very much.

GENE KRUPA AND HIS ORCHESTRA: incl. Gene Krupa-d dir. Roy Eldridge-t-v/ Anita O’Day-Howard Dulany-v.
Lang-worth Transcriptions, Liederkranz Hall, New York, 1941
That Drummer’s Band
Let Me Off Uptown – vAOD-RE
Things I Love - vHD
Au Reet
Running Up
A Fool Am I
Thanks For The Boogie Ride
Siren Song
Drum Boogie
Full Dress Hop


The personnel appears to be the same throughout March for the Krupa band. which lists.........

Gene Krupa and his Orchestra:
Graham Young, Torg Halten, Shorty Sherock, Norman Murphy (tp) Babe Wagner, Jay Kelliher, Pat Virgademo (tb) Mascagni "Musky" Ruffo, Clint Neagley (as) Sam Musiker, Walter Bates (ts) Bob Kitsis (p) Ray Biondi (g) Ovid "Biddy" Bastien (b) Gene Krupa (d) Anita O'Day (vcl) with guest Benny Carter (as-1,tp-2)
Broadcast "Meadowbrook", Cedar Groove, N.J., March 22, 1941
There'll be some changes made (1)(bc as solo) Meritt 17
Rockin' chair (2) -
Note: Meritt 17 titled "Benny Carter - The gentleman of Jazz 1940-41".

Gene Krupa
Lang-Worth tx, "Liederkranz Hall", New York, c. March 1941
Tuning up Monmouth MES7072
Alreet (aod,ens vcl) -
Full dress hop -
A fool am I (aod vcl) (*) -
Drum boogie (aod,ens vcl) (*) - , V-Disc 279, Joyce 2008
Nothing yet [Ball of fire] -
Siren serenade - , SoS 119
That drummer's band (theme) - , V-Disc 279, Joyce 2008
Note: All above titles, except (*), also on Blue Heaven BH6-608.
Reverse of Blue Heaven LP by Ray McKinley.
Sears' V-Disc book incorrectly shows "Irene Daye" as vocalist on this session with a date of "late January, 1941".

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Postby marq » Mon October 30 2006 08:27 AM

let me off uptown was recorded new york may 8th 1941
with personel Graham young,torg halten,,norman murphy,Roy eldridge replaced shorty sherrock both trumpet and vocal,john Grassi replaced Pat virgadamo on trombone,Musky ruffo,clint neagley,alto,Sam musiker,walter bates,bob kitsis,Buddy bastion and Gene Krupa
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Postby marq » Mon October 30 2006 08:28 AM

Boogie ride was New York november 25th 1941............Paul
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Postby jazzjester » Tue October 31 2006 09:18 PM

I'm sorry I missed this post. Is there audience noise on the performances? If so my guess would be a Meadowbrook performance June 7th although the discography does not show this to be a Lang-Worth Transcription. I have to wonder if it does not contain crowd noise if it could be from the below, which was a Soundies session (Prehistoric MTV like video)

Gene Krupa
Roy Eldridge (tp,vcl) Norman Murphy, Al Beck, Graham Young (tp) John Grassi, Jay Kelliher, Babe Wagner (tb) Mascagni "Musky" Ruffo (as) Sam Musiker (cl,as) Jimmy Migliori (as) Walter Bates (ts) Sam Listengart (as) Milt Raskin (p) Ray Biondi (g,arr) Ed Mihelich (b) Gene Krupa (d) Johnny Desmond, Anita O'Day (vcl) Leroy Elton Hill, Jimmy Mundy (arr)
Soundies film soundtracks, RCA Studios, New York, December 18, 1941
Let me off uptown (aod,re vcl) Kaydee KD7, Stash ST-104
Thanks for the boogie ride (aod,re vcl)
Sugar Hill masquerade [After you've gone](aod vcl)
Note: "Let me off uptown" as "Uptown" on Stash ST-104.
Kaydee KD7 titled "Swinging flicks, Volume one"; rest of this LP by others.
Stash ST-104 titled "Tea pad songs" and lists date incorrectly as January 1942; rest of this LP by others.

Nicola wrote:Thank you very much.
I'd like to ask you a question about Lang-Worth Transcriptions. I've found the track list on a Circle CD, and I'd like to know when the titles (that you haven't listed) Let Me Off Uptown, Things I Love (sung by Howard Dulany) and Thanks For The Boogie Ride, were recorded.

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