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Can't find or figure out this song anywhere!

Get help finding that elusive jazz and swing tune or band

Can't find or figure out this song anywhere!

Postby BGG » Tue April 24 2007 06:40 AM

Hi all, I'm hoping someone could help with this tune I've been trying to figure out for a few years now. I really like what I've heard of it and would like to get the full song. I have made a small snippet mp3 of what I've found so far, but I don't know how to post it here so you folks could listen - any instructions would be great.

I'll give the background of the song in the meantime. I first heard it several years ago on a local (now national) PBS show called Kennywood Memories - a documentary of a Pittsburgh amusement park. This piece is played at the very end through the credits of the home video version. I say home version, because the original PBS broadcast version played Alvino Rey's Nighty Night. I was told when they put out the home version, PBS had to use rights-cleared music, thus the changes. I also recently heard a portion of this tune on a Spongebob cartoon called "Where's Gary". Grandma cranks up an old record player and this song plays.

From what I can gather I would put the song in the 1930's. It sounds sort of like a jazzy-waltz, with a good deal of piano and brass.

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Can't find or figure out this song anywhere !

Postby parri » Tue May 01 2007 02:59 AM

BGG , there a plenty of sites to put up a file (Mp3) and then to link through your post . A lot of people like My Space , but I've found it too congested . So I'll suggest , where you can open a personal webpage and put up small files . I hope that is a help .
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Postby BGG » Wed May 09 2007 07:52 AM

Ok, thanks to Parri I got this file working. Take a listen and let me know what you all think!
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