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Our Big Band Radio Tribute To Artie Shaw  
Parker's Place Jazz And Big Band
Radio Play List January 8th, 2005

The Jazz Joint Jump Jazz Radio Live Feed

You can listen to Jazz Joint Jump live every Tuesday between 4-6 PM Pacific via the Jazz Radio page. Clips of our past jazz radio shows as done under the Parker's Place banner for the now defunct KAAT-FM are not currently available "on demand" due to strict RIAA web casting laws. Stay tuned fo info on a new 24/7 web cast!

•  Live jazz radio audio Tuesdays 4-6 PM Pacific

1-8-2005 Artie Shaw Radio Tribute Play List
Jazz Radio Audio
The live feed of our Tuesday jazz music radio show streaming online at 4:00 PM Pacific with a focus on the history of jazz music and jazz music that swings from the 1930s to today.

Our Jazz Radio Show Info Page
The sordid history of our jazz music radio show, est. 1985. Lends credence to the theory that FCC radio deregulation survival may be linked to narcissistically twisted disorders.

History Of Jazz Part 1
Early hot jazz bands, the hotel dance bands and the history of jazz music leading up to the Big Band era.

History Of Jazz Part II
The role of economics, early recording technology, and radio relative to jazz history and the Big Band era.

The Recording Ban Of 1942
Scans of a 1942 Down Beat magazine article detailing a dramatic event in jazz history during the Big Band era; the James Petrillo / AFM recording ban.

Webb Cuts Basie At The Savoy
Another of the many jazz magazine articles on the site detailing big events in jazz history. This piece recounts the Count Basie vs. Chick Webb big band music Battle Of Swing held at Harlem's Savoy Ballroom in January of 1938.

Little Jazz - Artie Shaw - 1945 (our show theme)
No Regrets - Billie Holiday (Shaw on clarinet) 1936
Let Yourself Go - Boswell Sisters (Shaw on clarinet) 1936

Cream Puff - 1937
Free Wheelin - 1937
Let 'Er Go - 1937

Monsoon - 1937

Any Old Time - 7-24-1938
Begin The Beguine - 7-24-1938
Indian Love Call - 7-24-1938
Back Bay Shuffle - 7-24-1938

Moon Ray - 11-11-1939
It Had To Be You - 12-13-1938

Carioca - 1-23-1939
One Foot In The Groove - 3-17-1939
At Sundown - 10-25-1939
Diga Diga Doo - 11-11-1939

Donkey Serenade - stereo film version (Dancing Co-ed) 1939
:45 Shaw interview by Jean Hay late 1980s regarding his marriages

(live Artie Shaw segment 1)
Nightmare (partial with spoken intro) Ritz Carlton 8-19-1939
Blue Interlude - Hotel Lincoln 12-2-1938
Day In Day Out - Hotel Lincoln 12-2-1938
Softly As In A Morning Sunrise Hotel Lincoln 12-2-1938
Just You Just Me - Hotel Lincoln 12-20-1938

(live Artie Shaw segment 2)
Artie Speaks - Ritz Carlton - 8-19-1939
In The Mood - Hotel Pennsylvania
El Rancho Grande - 11-11-1939
St Louis Blues - 10-21-1939
Sweet Sue - 11-4-1939
Everythings Jumpin - 11-11-1939

Stardust - 10-7-1940
Frenesi - 3-3-1940
Temptation - 9-7-1940

Prelude In C Major - 12-4-1940

:25 Jean Hay interview with Artie Shaw late 1980s on naming the Gramercy 5
:15 Jean Hay as Reveille With Beverly pre-announcing Summit Ridge Drive during WWII radio broadcast

Summit Ridge Drive - 9-3-1940
When The Quail Come Back To San Quentin - 12-5-1940
My Blue Heaven - 12-5-1940
Special Delivery Stomp - 9-3-1940

Concerto For Clarinet Parts 1 & 2 - 12-17-1940

Dancing In The Dark - 1-23-1941
Moonglow - 1-23-1941

There'll Be Some Changes Made - 9-6-1941 Steel Pier, Atlantic City

Take Your Shoes Off Baby 10-30-1941
Solid Sam - 10-30-1941
Just Kiddin' Around - 10-30-1941

To A Broadway Rose - 11-12-1941

Live Jubilee Broadcast segment with Jubilee pre-show broadcast, studio recordings inserted (Hep Records) for audio quality purposes
Oh Lady Be Good - with the Count Basie Orchestra  9-25-44
Arties Blues - same as above except small group w/ Basie, Buddy Rich...

Jumpin On The Merry-Go-Round - 11-22-1944
Swonderful - 1-9-1945

Live Camp San Luis Obispo segment segued into Naval Hospital, San Diego performance of Little Jazz
Nightmare - (short with spoken intro)
Blue Skies - 9-26-1945
Little Jazz - 9-12-1945

The Gentle Grifter - 8-2-1945
Hop Skip And Jump - 8-2-1945

The Maid With The Flaccid Air - 7-19-1945
A Foggy Day - 6-8-1945
Let's Walk - August or September 1945
:20 interview with Jean Hay late 1980s regarding the song Let's Walk

Just Floating Along - 7-26-45
The Hornet - August or September 1945

I Was Doin' All Right - Spoken intro by Bing Crosby - 3-15-1945

What Is This Thing Called Love - w/ Mel Torme & Meltones 6-19-1946

Smooth And Easy - 12-1-1949
Krazy Kat - 12-1-1949

Too Marvelous For Words - Gramercy Five - June1954

Double spaces between segments denote brief announcer segues.
Ray Charles Biography
Known as "The Genius" Ray Charles recorded a wide variety of music but got his start playing big band music and jazz. He passed away 6-10-04.

Artie Shaw Biography
Our extensive biography of the clarinet virtuoso and writer covers his carreer as a big band musician and writer

Benny Carter Biography
Benny Carter was one of the greatest arrangers and jazz musicians the genre has ever known. This extensive biography spans the entire lengthy carreer of the jazz legend.

Billy May Biography
The trumpeter, bandleader, composer and arranger died Jan. 22, 2004. May wrote many Swing Era classics for Glenn Miller and Charlie Barnet and later for Sinatra and Nat Cole.

Count Basie Biography
Our biography of Count Basie traces the career of "the kid from Red Bank" through Kansas City and into the later stages of his life as a bandleader.

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